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All About Play Family Center

I have been involved in taking care of children for years, whether it’s others’ little ones or my very own. And at one point I realized there’s a need for really great childcare after school, especially a government subsidized program.

That is when I began the process of putting together the actual plan to open one in Lac La Biche. This process is not easy; find a building, finance the building, get the permits , pass the inspections – and all of this while working a full time job.

A friend referred me to Community Futures for some help and with their guidance we opened October 1, 2016. The knowledge of the Community Futures staff helped me access and use the Canada Small Business Financing program and worked with a local bank to help me mortgage the building while Community Futures gave me financial assistance for payroll and upgrades that were necessary to make sure the play place was up to code.

What I liked most about working with Community Futures was Liv’s excitement for my project! It was just really great to work with people who are helpful and supportive of new entrepreneurs.

I’d say to anyone looking to start a new business is to just go for it, there are a lot of ‘what if’ scenarios, but there is also a great deal of support. Once you get started it’s great!

Sue Hanin

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